Thursday, 19 February 2015

Ahoy! Welcome aboard...

Well first of all, thank you very much for visiting my blog... It's an honor to have you here! I've loved reading blogs for a long time, I love the concept of them; having your own space to write about what on earth you like, I think it's genius!

So I should probably start by saying, I am a girl... I like normal girl things: Clothes, Make-Up, Ice Cream (straight from the tub), Gossip Girl, Reality TV and I am addicted to the Daily Mail (TV & Showbiz area obv). So chances are, I'm going to dribble on about these topics, but who knows, maybe I'll throw other random stuff into the mix too. 

I've been quite apprehensive about starting this blog for a while, mainly due to the worry that I won't be any good at 'blogging', but really, who determines who's good and who's bad? The web isn't the X-Factor and I'm not going to see Simon Cowell putting his hand up to me telling me "that's enough" and Dermot O'Leary giving me a sympathy hug whilst I cry onto his shoulder... (although, writing this now that doesn't sound sound like such a bad option)

Well irregardless I've done it now, I've created my first post so let the fun begin!

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