Sunday, 22 February 2015

Moving House

Back in January I moved out of my crazy family home where I lived with my mum, dad, and two overly hyper younger brothers, and into a house of my own. I never went to University so this is the first time I’ve ever lived alone, and wow did I get a shock. From realising if you want to wear your favourite jumper as much as you usually do, then you actually have to remove it from the wash bin and wash it (who knew?!), to getting frustrated with yourself for being so ‘unorganised.’
I feel that I have experienced a lot in the past few months…

Changing /washing bed sheets
Wow. So I used to get myself into a frenzy over putting the sheets on my bed, but trust me… that’s the easy bit!

Once washed, I needed to dry them. OK this will be fine, I’ll just stick it on the clothes horse I thought. – I couldn’t hang it on the washing line as a) we don’t have one b) the weather was not kind. We decided to get a king size bed, but along with the few extra inches of personal space comes severe stress and added drying time when you’re trying to cram it all onto a tiny clothes horse in your boxed size junk/spare bedroom. They eventually dried, but were so creased, so I thought, let’s try to iron them…

I have a small ironing board, this was the most degrading, stressful task I’ve came across so far. Slowly moving a small area of material, ironing, moving again, ironing, and by the time you’d got to the over side of the sheet, the side you’d ironed is creased again in a pile on the floor.  I gave up in the end and just put it on the bed.

For future reference: a) Get a washing line b) Take advantage of kind weather days and wash your bed sheets then. (Apparently this also helps remove creases) c) Iron it once it’s on the bed.

I am actually really loving cooking for myself, I find myself looking and searching for new recipes online all the time…(I seriously need to invest in some good cook books). However all this cooking and trying to be the next Delia Smith leaves a LOT of washing up. I don’t know how one meal can create so much mess. Endless bowls, pots, pans, wooden spoons, and food all over the floor, surfaces and well, myself.

And I have to say, washing up has got to be the worst chore ever! At my parents’ house we had a dishwasher, and man do I miss it! (And realise how much I took it for granted) - I’m so sorry dishwasher, I love and miss you. </3

But it’s not all bad…I have now developed a HUGE appreciation for candles, they are amazing. Not only do they smell incredible, but they also make the whole room feel soooo cosy and homely. Putting the candles on is an instant mood booster and I just LOVE them.

I’ve just finished burning my Cinnamon Spice Yanke Candle which was so perfect for the cold winter nights. I’m now burning the Ted Baker candle which has the coolest packaging ever! It’s got little beach huts on which makes me so excited and instantly look forward to summer (and my holiday!) every time I light it.

Home Interiors // TKMaxx
The definition of obsession: “an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.” I can safely say that I have an obsession with TKMaxx. Last week alone, I visited it 3 times. I LOVE the home stuff in there. It’s so different and querky, and I am constantly having this conversation with myself everytime I’m in there: “Yes Beth, you absolutely need that huge tea cup shaped mixing bowl, and that vase oh and those artificial flowers to go in it, oh wait, don’t forget that canvas…”

I have always liked looking at homeware stuff, even before I moved out, but I now have such a huge appreciation for this shop, to the point where I now visit the retail park… spend my whole lunch break in TKMaxx and don’t step foot in Topshop (Which is NEXT DOOR). I am a changed woman.


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