Friday, 13 March 2015

12 things: Primary school as a 90's kid.

  1. If you brought in strawberry laces you were the most popular kid in school (for one day)

  2. Going on a school trip and bringing back the most pointless presents for your parents. A wildlife pencil (or a pen if they’re lucky), a branded rubber with an otter(or some other random mammal) on it, or a pink rock, which you’d insist would make a really nice ornament.

  3. Having a blunt pen and feeling like your handwriting looks so year 2 right now.

  4. Smothering PVA glue all over your hands, waiting for it to dry and then telling your mate next to you that your skins falling off – and subsequently then getting shouted at by the teacher.

  5. Getting to write on the whiteboard was just a DREAM. Sorry to all you that experienced the bane of the ‘interactive whiteboard’, who’s laughing now?

  6. Collecting blue tack and making a small army in people out of them.

  7. Stickers, why did we love stickers so much? It’s probably worth remembering this love when we get stressed that they’re stuck to the bottom of our new shoes.

  8. Showing off that you know all the words to the Arthur theme tune and when your friends came round.

  9. Oh and on that note…being REALLY annoyed with your parents when they said ‘Stop showing off’, when you’ve got your mates round. Worst. Thing. Ever.

  10. Always wishing your school would go on 50/50.

  11. Also always wishing your most hated teacher would let you ‘Get your own back’ on them. AKA cover them in gunge on national television.

  12. And of course, coming back from holiday with a braid in your hair and feeling like you belong in Sugababes.


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