Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Sunday well spent

Sunday is the day where sitting in your PJ’s all day, eating Nutella straight from the jar, watching 86 episodes on Netflix and not moving from the same position on the sofa all day (except for trips to the fridge) is completely acceptable. For me, Sunday is my favourite day of the week and today is no different.

Social norms no longer apply…
Making yourself look presentable, getting dressed, and making your bed. These things all become optional.

Hangovers are unavoidable on Sundays. Even if you haven’t got one yourself. All you have to do is flick down your twitter feed to find out who’s suffering. Looking out for the following: ‘#dying’, ‘Mcdonalds need to do deliveries *preaching emoji*’, and the classic: ‘Never.Drinking.Again’.

Intragram Stalking
Let’s face it, Sunday is the day where Insta-stalking is at it’s peak… I’m pretty sure 80% of stalking is done on a Sunday.

No elaboration necessary. It’s going to happen.

Crumpets are an acceptable choice for your dinner
If you’re anything like me, you will have grazed so much throughout the day (or had a HUGE roast) that by the time that you would normally be eating your evening meal, you’re not actually that hungry, so crumpets count, crumpets are perfect. Maybe this is the reason crumpets were invented in the first place?...

And on that note, Happy Sunday! x

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