Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Make-Up Removing Dream Team

I am a sucker for make-up wipes. They’re just so easy, convenient, and not to mention cheap. The thought of taking my make-up off ‘the proper way’ was that it’s time consuming and more expensive – And let’s face it, when its gone 10pm and your absolutely knackered, the last thing you want to be doing is faffing around in the bathroom for an extra 10 minutes taking off your make up, you just want to get straight in bed, no fuss.

WELL… I can honestly say I’ve discovered the dream team of make-up removers, which are just as quick (if not quicker!) at taking off make up and… it’s not wipes!!

To start with, I've been using the Nivea Double Effects Eye Make-Up Remover with a cotton pad, it literally takes your eye-make up off in seconds (even on heavy mascara).

The second part of the marvellous concoction is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Again just with a cotton pad and sweeping it across the face, and Wola, there you have it – A clean, make up free face in minutes!

Not only is taking your make up off this way sooo much better for your skin, I also find it leaves your skin feeling so much cleaner than it does with a make-up wipe.

All together these products will only cost you around £5-6, and they last for ages!



  1. I haven't seen that green Garnier Micellar water, only pink one and pure active one. Where did you find that?

    1. Hi - It's in my local boots store, but you can get in online too here:

      Thanks! :) x

  2. i have the nivea double effect one and i use it every day i love it, i also wrote a blog post about it xxx


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