Friday, 3 April 2015

Things all 20 somethings will realise at some point

H&M trousers come up small. Do. Not. Panic.

Victoria's Secret's models -It's their job to look like that. (and they don't get to indulge in *insert take away food here* every weekend, so who's the real winner here?)

People edit their photos, a lot.

Having a hangover is not fun, on any level, what so ever.

However having hungover pizza is fun. Dominos, mmmmm.

Mum’s really are the greatest human beings on the planet. The one person who will literally listen to you dribble on about the same things day in day out and still act interested.

When it comes to rice, Uncle Bens is the only option.  

No bath products compare to Lush, not now not ever.

Topshop is overpriced, but everyone shops there and will continue to do so until the world ends.

You will wake up every morning, regretting going to bed late, but will still go to bed late that night.

Instagram is the sole reason for late nights

Instagram is also the sole cure for boredom when you ‘cant sleep’

Fruit is not filling, at all.

The death of orange Wednesdays is almost as heart breaking as when Zayn left 1D.

Giving presents is more fun than receiving them

Nowhere in the world does a cup of tea like the UK. *Note to self: stop drinking tea when abroad*


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  1. I 100% agree with all of these! Lovely post.
    Alex //


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