Wednesday, 22 July 2015

What even is cheerleading?

When it comes to cheerleading there are so many fallacies, and quite frankly – it’s slightly annoying. That said, there is nothing more satisfying than when people see what it really is that we do then cue the ‘oooo’, ‘wow’, ‘that’s amazing’, ‘look how high they throw you’.

Here are some things you should know about cheerleading:

Pom Poms – Competitive cheerleaders do not wave pom poms at the side of a football game.

It's a friendly sport. Cheerleaders have great sportsmanship!

Never say ‘Cheerleading isn’t a sport’ to a cheerleader. YES IT IS. Cheerleading is made up of jumps, stunts, tumbling and dance (plus looking sassy while doing each element) – that’s basically gymnastics, weight-lifting and dance all rolled into one sport, so if anything, it’s a super sport. AND, if darts is considered a sport….

No, you can not borrow my cheer kit as a fancy dress costume.

No, we will never “grow out of it”. You're never too old to cheer!

We eat, A LOT. A cheerleaders suitcase when away for a competition is made up of around 50% snacks, 20% hair/beauty supplies and 10% other stuff.

Cheerleading is not a 'girly' sport, as glamorous as it looks - it takes serious commitment and strength. You're lifting and throwing a human body above your head. You're throwing your own body into the air to perform tumbles and jumps.

It's not a sport that should be over looked. I personally feel really passionate about this. I've been a cheerleader for 11 years, and I've experienced all of the above comments and misconceptions, and there is nothing better than changing peoples opinions and showing them what it really is that we do and what we are all about!



  1. I love this Beth! Shows your passion for the sport is 100% x

  2. This looks great! I'm a dancer personally and I have tried cheer once before and really do agree with what you say. x


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