Sunday, 6 September 2015

6 blogs you need to know about

Deciding to have my own blog was quite a scary decision. If it weren’t for being inspired by some other amazing bloggers who just do it, and do it so well, I definitely wouldn’t be writing this right now. With that said, I thought I’d put together a post about these wonderful blogs that inspired me.

Skincare & Fitness
Lydia Elise Millen - Lydia’s blog was one of the first I followed and started reading, and this got me into reading more blogs.  Being a bit of a skincare splurger/addict myself, I really enjoyed the honesty behind product reviews. It’s also a great motivation to try and live a healthier more active lifestyle. I love the personal approach that this blog has to all it’s content, and real life stories behind posts.

Hannah Gale - Not only is Hannah an amazing writer, her utter honesty makes her content down right funny. I think she really is what blogging is all about, writing engaging stuff that people like reading. I am fo’sure one of them people.

The Little Magpie - Being a fellow small gal, I love seeing what other petite peeps wear. Being small is hard, and trying to wear anything baggy without looking like you’re wearing a bed sheet is even harder. I admire Amy’s ability to do this, every single time.

That Pommie Girl - If I am ever looking for some outfit inspo, this blog is the destination and a classic example of someone who just gets it right ever single time! Also, Sarah’s hair and make-up is to die for!

Deliciously Ella - Even though I am by no means vegan. I’m obsessed with this blog. I am on it all the time, looking through recipes and writing shopping lists for ingredients. It’s guilt free and delicious! My favourite recipe so far is the coconut thai curry. Give it a try!

A Little Pop of Coral - I love the product reviews on this blog – my debit card does not, I’ve bought so much stuff after reading reviews on this blog!

I love exploring new blogs, and binge reading them, so if anyone has any gooduns’, please comment below :)

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  1. Love this post!! We share the same favourite bloggers! <3


  2. I always love reading these posts and discovering some new bloggers, I only recently came across Lydia's blog and I'm now addicted haha! Hannah is my all time favourite blogger, I love how normal she is - I 100% agree with you that she's what blogging is all about!
    Nicky x |

  3. I am loving your blog and having a good ol binge now after following you on twitter! I'd love you to check mine out xxx

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