Wednesday, 20 April 2016

10 things you will see in every girls group chat

The WhatsApp Group Chat, AKA the step by step update on all of your girlies everyday lives. 
  1. Screenshots GALORE, my my we are in serious trouble if anyone ever scrolls through our shared media.
  2.  The “OMG GIRLS” message, which is then followed by “*name* is typing” whilst the rest of the group stays online awaiting the gossip to unleash.
  3. Sharing photos from the night before in bulk is required every Sunday morning, no matter how hungover you are.
  4. Not checking your phone for 30 minutes and coming back to 320 unread messages, 19 screenshots in your camera roll and one of the girls breaking up and getting back together with their on and off boyfriend once again.
  5. Outfit analysis. This is serious business and is not to be taken lightly. All members of the chat must be online and onboard ready to rate each carefully taken mirror picture showing the potential outfits of choice for the upcoming compelling event. Squad majority rules and there are no exceptions.
  6. You tell each other the most pointless information. “Just ate a pot noodle”,
  7. The only place to share the most EMBARRASSING moments that pop up on time hop
  8. Step by step updates of all life events will take place in this chat from telling them about the man sitting opposite you on the train picking his nose to the fact that you’re on your 6th coffee of the day at 9.06am.
  9. Birthdays, Halloween, New Years Eve, Holidays – ALL the planning is born and raised in the group chat.
  10. Voice notes – when you’ve had one too many glasses of wine and typing becomes a real chore. What a great invention voice notes are – except when it’s you sending them, and having to listen back to the effects of those tequila shots had on you *face palm*.



  1. hahahahaah, I always say my life would be over if my group chats were ever aired hahahaha!
    I have the weirdest photos in my camera roll from group chat too haha!

    1. Haha I have to agree!! The things girls chat about hey! xx


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