Tuesday, 26 April 2016

11 things you’ll understand if you’re from Peterborough

1. Let’s start this off by being honest, the only reason people outside of Peterborough would ever actually come to Peterborough is in a Passport emergency.

2. We all hit up Ferry Meadows when the slightest ray of sun shines over Peterborough. Prepare yourself for unsightly shirtless men, disposable BBQ’s and dogs / balls / children running into you.

3. Meeting someone who is not from Peterborough, so saying that it’s near ‘Cambridge’ in your best posh accent to try and convince them.

4. Going to parties at ‘Activity World’ when you was a kid and having the best time ever on the ‘drop slide’ and falling down the ‘spider web’, and subsequently getting injured in some way shape or form.

5. You will have almost definitely been on a school trip to the Peterborough Cathedral and Gratham Water.

6. 2015's cancelled Willow Festival ruined everyone's summer.

7. You will be no stranger to Chill Grill after your drunken night out, completely oblivious to their 0 STAR hygiene rating. (Please note: this is actually true)

8. We all know what happens on the last Friday of every month, and if you’d forgot you will wake up on the Saturday to an Instagram feed reminding you #Mixo

9. And let’s not forget the upcoming ‘Bank Holiday Madness’ which is House Proud AKA a place where everyone gets drunk during the day and way into the night. Sweet.

10. There is always a man singing with his dog down Bridge Street. Sometimes, he's pretty good.

11. You probably didn't quite realise it was possible for waffles to get so many likes on Instagram. Thanks Tamu, you're great.



  1. This is hilarious! I still can't get over chill grill. I don't even want to know what my cheesy chips went through before entering my mouth *vom*

    Katie xo | everythingkatiee.blogspot.com

  2. Haha! Tell me about it, I think I will stick to Ali Kebab or Subway going forward ;)! X

  3. Love this, all of theses are so true :) x


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