Sunday, 8 May 2016


1. Being called ‘cute’. I'm not a small furry animal. ‘Cute’ is a word used to describe puppies, kittens maybe even hamster but please; not a person.

2. The fear of being turned away when queuing for a roller coaster

3. “Oh my god, you don’t look that old” or “You look so young for your age”

4. There has been a moment in your life where you may have wondered if knee implants were an actual thing. Thanks White Chicks for the false hope, thanks a lot.

5. Being referred to as ‘the small one’ in your group of friends, or in general when anyone describes you to a stranger ‘short’, ‘small’ or ‘tiny’ will be used as one of the first adjectives to describe you.

6. Passing your driving test – commence the jokes about needing a booster seat

7. When having to sleep on a sofa, you always get given the smallest option because 'you're only little'

But it's not all bad... 

8. Actually considering items from the kids section in clothes shops – No VAT? GAME CHANGER How will anyone know this is age 12?...

9. And on that note, kids shoe sizes - don't mind if I do thank you!

10. And finally, never having to worry about how high your heels are. Unless you're boyfriend/girlfriend is short then, I'm sorry.



  1. Haha yes I can identify with all of these. My worst thing about being 5 foot is when I really REALLY want to try on a dress or top and it's on the highest possible clothes rail. It's just too embarrassing to ask strangers to get things down for you!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    1. That's a good one Laura - not being able to reach stuff in general is just one of the life struggles us short people have to deal with! x

  2. OH MY GOD this is literally my life! Just read through them all saying "yes, yes yes"! fab post i loved it!
    I can remember the booster seat jokes from when I passed my driving test, but love being able to fit in childs clothes and shoes, they're so cheap!

    Allure of a Girl


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