Sunday, 22 May 2016

New York Travel Essentials

I went to New York a couple of years back, and have been dreaming of it ever since. It's just got something about it that draws you in. It's exactly like you see in the movies; yellow cabs, busy pavements and impeccably dressed locals strutting the streets.

Hands down, New York is the most amazing place I have ever visited. Whenever I talk, think or reminisce about it, I have a smile on my face. So when Farfetch asked me what essentials I'd pack in my dream New York suitcase; I was more than happy to let them know.

Please note: this is a wishlist and not items that I actually own; yet


And no, I'm not going to be recommending that you go out and purchase a pair of crocs, when in New York; the fashion capital, you're going to be among some of the most polished, well-dressed people in the world, you want to feel the part. I honestly do not believe in comfort over beauty, I believe if you're clever; you can have both. The Givenchy Studded Chelsea Boots are perfect for a trip to NYC, they're flat, stylish and would look great parading down 5th Avenue.

Small enough not to be a burden, but big enough to get all your essentials in. When dreaming of the perfect bag for NYC, I knew straight away which bag it would be. It's been the bag of my dreams for as long as I can remember. The Givenchy Antigona is the perfect accessory to give you that Blair Wardorf sass and class. I am obsessed with the studded one, it's black, so perfect for any outfit, and the studs just give it that little extra wow factor.

As amazing as NYC is, when you're out and about all day, your skin knows about it. I made a conscious effort when I was there to keep well on top of my skincare to ensure my skin was hydrated. Dehydrated skin = wrinkles, no thank you. I've heard such great things about Rodial as a brand, and this moisturiser has some fantastic reviews online, so it's for sure on my wishlist.

Nothing say's "I'm working it" better than the ChloĆ© Carlina Sunglasses. I visited New York in the Autumn, and the sun was still gleaming, so I was very grateful I remembered my shades. They also come in handy when you've had one too many cocktails at one of New York's amazing rooftop bars the night before; Guilty.

Last but not least, I think when travelling, eye-shadow pallet really are a girls best friend. It means you can take all your shadows and keep them in one place, without having to take everything away with you. I'm really keen on the BY TERRY Eye Designer Palette, it looks beautiful, and they have a great mixture of shades which you could use for a day time or a night time look. Again, I've read great reviews about BY TERRY, so I think it's something I am going to have to try out in the very near future.

Have you ever been to New York? What would be your packing essentials?

*This post is in association with Farfetch, you can read their packing guide for your next fashionable trip on their Style Hub*




  1. I think I'd absolutely pack an SPF, a nice powder because NYC can get so humid in the summer, an all-in-one type of makeup palette and of course some type of comfortable and versatile shoe! Great picks!


    1. Great ideas Athena! Thank you :) x

  2. Oh such gorgeous picks! I adore those studded chelsea boots and pretty shades... basically everything haha! Your blog is lovely :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thank you Elizabeth :) They're stunning aren't they, I had such great fun lusting over Farfetch's website when I was putting this list together!

      I will for sure follow you on BlogLovin' :)

      Beth x

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  4. I just went to New York for the second time in March and these things are so necessary, especially comfy but stylish footwear! // UK Fashion & Travel Blog

    1. I'm so jealous you've been back recently, I am desperate to go back! xx

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  6. Thanks for the recommendations! I'm off to New York later in the year and will definitely be investing in some comfortable (but stylish) footwear after reading your tips!

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