Sunday, 12 June 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide

Is it just me, or are Dad's the hardest humans on the planet to buy presents for? They just fall into that category of people who  'has everything', or 'doesn't need anything', or 'doesn't want anything'.

That said, I love buying people presents, so I always tend to get myself organised and give myself plenty of time to think about what the person I'm buying for might like. So with Father's Day now just a week away, here are some last minute gift ideas. I've included some different presents to your traditional socks and beer and some old classics that you can't go wrong with too.

Beard Oil
With the rising trends of beards, nothing says 'dad you're cool and so on trend' like buying them some pamper products for their beard - Quite possibly the most manly pamper product I've ever heard of. The Beard Shed describes the Mariner Jack Beard Oil as 'a must have for any man serious about his beard', it prevents facial itching and makes the beard lovely and soft! The Beard Shed have put together a Fathers Day Gift Set, so if you have a bearded dad, maybe this is the present he has been waiting for!

Get Personal
It's always nice to receive a present that's had some thought go into it. I created a 'wordle' for my dad myself using photoshop, but if you don't fancy putting in that much effort, you can get some personalised word art on etsy and not on the high street which look great.

This might seem a bit boring, but I think it's a gift that everyone can appreciate. The gift of nice smells. Givenchy Gentleman is a universal smell that isn't too risky, it's classy, not too strong but really masculine. *psstt*, it's also on offer on Boots at the moment!

'Big boys toys' 
Drills, tools, and you know all that other stuff they use to hang your pretty photos on the walls. I think secretly dad's love being asked to do DIY by their precious little angels, so why not equip them with the right tools for the job.

A gift perfect for summer
I don't know what it is when it comes to BBQ's but it is always something that falls into Dad's bag of tricks, and with summer trying it's very hardest to make an appearance BBQ's are for sure on the cards. So why not get your Dad something that's going to encourage him to put the barby on. You could go for utensils, a personalised apron, or I decided on this 'Dad's BBQ' wall art.

Something to do
If none of the above is going to work for your dad, then perhaps an experience is the way to go. If he is an adrenaline junkie, why not get him something like Go Carting or a Segway trip. If he's a golf man, how about a golf experience. There are some really good ideas on and Virgin Experiences so you're sure to find something that your Dad will enjoy.

What are you planning to get your Dad this Father's Day?



  1. Thanks for reminding me about father's day I will definitely be buying the beard oil

    1. No probs! I'm sure your dad will love it! Xx


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