Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Peanut Butter & Banana Breakfast Smoothie

I really do try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I fail far too often, but the effort is there I promise. The one place I really struggle is when it comes to breakfast. It would be great to make instagram worthy poached eggs and avocados every morning, but I like my sleep too much. And let's face it, when your rushing around with a toothbrush hanging out your mouth trying to locate your favorite pair of trousers that you're sure you left right at the bottom of this pile of clothes, the last thing you're going to be thinking about is 'what healthy breakfast can I knock up this morning'.

That's where this recipe comes in so handy. I have timed myself and I can do this in less than 2 minutes! Perfect for a weekday morning when you need some extra minutes because you just realised you have dribbled toothpaste all down yourself. (We've all been there).

So if you love Peanut Butter you will LOVE this...

Serves 1 

You will need
1 Banana 
1 Tablespoon Smooth Peanut Butter
1 Cup Almond Milk
A handful of ice 

What to do
Shove it all in a nutribullet / blender and press the 'wizz' button!

It's so simple, that anyone can do it, and I promise you it's delicious and doesn't even feel healthy! It's thick and creamy and kinda tastes like melted ice-cream. 

Pssttt...make sure you're keeping it healthy
Peanut butter is an amazing source of natural protein. Just make sure that you're keeping this as healthy as it should be by using a natural peanut butter that isn't jam packed full of unnecessary sugar. I highly recommend the Whole Earth one and you can pick it up in most supermarkets. 

Do you have any healthy and tasty smoothie recipes? Please share them with me! 


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