Thursday, 23 June 2016

The perfect eyebrow kit | Less than £5!

Over the past couple of years eyebrows have got serious. I grew up in the time when over plucking your brows was a thing. An actual thing to have practically no eyebrow, I mean - WHO KNEW! But long gone are those days, and in are the days of big, carved and perfect brows. For a long time this brow trend really terrified me. Are my brows too thick? Are they too bushy? Are they dark enough? But after many failed attempts at trying to achieve brows Cara Delevigne would be proud of, I think I've finally cracked it.

For a long time I was just using a pencil to fill in my brows. Which was fine, but I never felt my brows looked great. They were probably below average on any brow experts richter scale. I never even thought about trying anything else at the time, it just wasn't something that crossed my mind. So I am so grateful that Beauty UK were included in one of my Glossy Boxes over a year back, as they have seriously helped to up my brow game.

I have been using the Beauty UK High Brow Kit for about 2 years now, and I would never look back! I've tried higher end brow products since having this one, but honestly nothing compares! It wasn't until someone asked me what I had been using on my brows that I actually googled it and found out that the whole kit is UNDER £5! I was gobsmacked because it's honestly so good. It's the perfect shade for me, doesn't move all day and is so easy to apply with this double-sided angled liner brush from Eco Tools (another bargain product!)

So if you're looking to up your brow game I'd seriously consider purchasing this kit and the Eco Tools brush, for the price it is, you really having nothing to lose, and a whole lot of eyebrow to gain!

Beauty UK High Brow Eyebrow Kit
EcoTools Brush Set

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