Wednesday, 6 July 2016

10 things all cheerleaders want you to know

"Oh you do Cheerleading, so you look pretty and wave pom-pom's right?" 

No. No. No

1. First & foremost - It is a sport, and if you were ever in doubt, then just keep reading.

2. It's not easy. Throwing someone else in the air, throwing yourself in the air, jumping and being able to touch your toes. Easy? No. We spend, weeks and months drilling skills to make sure they look perfect.

3. Training is intense. You know when you exercise so hard you think you're going to vomit?

4. We sweat - a lot. I can honestly say that we sweat more during a training session than I ever have at the gym.

5. It's a big commitment. It's not a "hobby". It's not something you can pick and choose when you do it. It's a commitment that you have to make to yourself and your team. If one person doesn't turn up, that's at least another 3 people who can't practice their stunts that session.

6. We perform in front of thousands of people at competitions.

7. It's not just for girls. Some of the most amazing cheerleaders in the world are guys, and while we are on this point, No. Not all male cheerleaders are gay.

8. People get hurt. I mean hopefully not badly, but when you're trying out new skills, they aren't always going to go perfect first time. So it's not all hair glitter and poms poms. In fact, research says that Cheerleading is actually one of the most dangerous sports for women, and who are we to argue with research?

9. Not every cheerleader is as preppy as Kelly Kapowski, you could be as grunge as Avirl Lavigne and still throw amazing tumbles and stunts.

10. We don't count "2,4,6,8," followed by some crappy rhyme.  It's actually "ONE, THREE, FIVE, SEVEN" at the same time as performing skills. #multitasking.



  1. Last comment, I promise I won't keep stalking :') You just have GREAT posts!
    I'm joining my university's cheer team :) I'm super excited, and I've literally been prepping myself physically and emotionally for training :D xxx

    1. Thank you so much! You're going to LOVE cheerleading so much! <3 xxx


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