Tuesday, 12 July 2016

10 things all Love Island addicts will do now it's all over

It's been unavoidable this season. Even if you haven't been watching it, I'm sure it will have been all over your twitter feed. There has been heart breaks, tears, tantrums and that's just with Kady. So without further ado, here are some signs that you're not quite over the fact that Love Island has come to an end.

1. You will no doubtably have tweeted about how sad you are that Love Island is now over, or how you 'don't know what you're going to do every night now'.

2. You won't know what to even tweet about anymore. Like what did we even tweet about before Love Island was a thing? Guess it's back to instagram and uploading photos of food again.

3. You're still wondering if Alex is actually real? HOW YOU SO GOOD LOOKING.

4. You will secretly be looking at all of the club appearances the stars of Love Island are doing, and wondering if you can blag a night out to any the venues they're going to without any of your mates noticing what you're planning. (They will notice because no doubt they're planning the same thing)

5. You can not wait for Sunday's Love Island Heading Home to see what really happens once they all leave the villa.

6. You will have stalked every single islanders Instagram. Surely they can't have always been that hot? Let's keep scrolling..

7. You'll be constantly checking their twitter pages to see any news of breakups or makeups. Malin we love you for your constant Terry sabotage tweets. Thanks for keeping us updated. Keep it up.

8. You will have told yourself, after watching so many hot people prance around in swimwear for 6 weeks that you're going to get to the gym. This has not yet happened, and is not looking likely to happen in the foreseeable future.

9. You wish that Nathan & Cara would start their own reality TV show just following their lives. Like Peter Andre & Katie Price did, just without the divorce plz.

10. And finally, you just can't believe it's been 6 weeks. How has it gone so fast *cries*, although perhaps a teeny tiny part of you might be glad that you have your life back.


  1. Haha! This is me!!!! I still can't believe it is over! Patiently waiting for Sunday's heading home episode! Great post! Xx


    1. Me either I'm so sad! Sunday is going to be epic though 😁!! Xx


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