Monday, 18 July 2016

26 thoughts that go through a girls mind in summer

1. Damn, I really should of gone to the gym before now, I really should of ate salads.

2. Oooo, domino's BOGOF? What the heck, I deserve it, treat yo'self.

3. *Girl posts bikini pic of her holiday*. Why so candid, why so skinny, why so tanned.

4. Omg, love this weather, love summer, love life.


6. I lit feel like my make up is slipping down my face rn. Great.

7. FFS my sunglasses are stuck in my hair, again.

8. Is this dress too short?

9. I really should of fake tanned, my legs legit look like milk bottles.

10. Why am I sweating?

11. Shall I shave my legs or overheat in jeans?

12. I really fancy some pimms.

13. Dam. I must of shrunk my denim shorts in the wash. They fit perfectly last year.

14. Or have I just got fat?

15. Wow, it's hot today, can't wait to sit outside and tan, YASSS

16. *Sits outside for 10 minutes* FFS it's so hot, i'm so sweaty, my hair is is stuck to my neck, but I must tan. I repeat, I must tan.

17. Better snapchat my sunbathing legs with the temperature filter.

18. Great I'm burnt.

19. Can't wait to drive around with my girls, shades on, windows down and music blasting.

20. FUCK it's hot in this car. GET THE AIR CON ON NOW.

21. I feel so fat. I'm having salad for dinner.

22. Is that a BBQ I can smell? Eats everything.

23. Can I rock an orange lip?

24. Is Sarah Ashcroft human? I wish I was her. Let's stalk her instagram.

25. Why is everyone in Mexico? I want to go to Mexico.

26. Yes, it's too late now, but next summer, I will have a beach bod.

Don't you just love being a girl?



  1. This definitely gave me a good laugh, haha! I could relate! Sunglasses, complaining about the weather, travelling, basically nodding my head to everything on this list. I've followed your links and you on bloglovin :) xx

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

  2. Seriously! It's been sooo hot in Cali lately! I ask why it's so hot everyday ahahaah.

    1. I think we are all just programmed to do it ;)! x


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