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Skincare tips for healthy looking skin

Does expensive mean the best? Do cosmetic brands do skincare well? Do natural products really work?

I have been working on the answer to these questions myself for a long time. I have been obsessed with looking after my skin since I was about 18. I've spent a small fortune on finding the right products for my skin. From Estee Lauder, to Clarins, to Clinique, I've tried a LOT.

I'd say after all of my research that I've found that expensive products don't necessarily mean that they are the best. I've found plenty middle of the range cost products which work a treat, as well as other hints and techniques that you can read all about below.

Taking your make-up off the 'proper way'
Do away with your make-up wipes. They are all kind of evil! I haven't used them for about 3 years now and I would never look back. I love the Nivea double effect eye makeup remover for my eyes, and either the Emma Hardie Cleansing balm or the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish with a muslin cloth for the rest of my face. I've grown to love this routine as my skin feels so clean and ready to absorb all my evening skincare products.

Don't neglect your eyes 
A skincare expert once told me that the skin around our eyes is different to the rest of the skin on our faces, it's much more delicate and with that mean's it's more prone to wrinkles, so it's important to take specific care of our eyes. I swear by the Kiehls Advocado Eye Cream. I make sure I apply this morning and night and it really brightens up my under eyes.

As we get older *sobs*, our skin cells reproduce at a slower rate, which means our old skin cells pile up on the surface of our skin. This can make it look dull and dry, as well as clogging up all your pores and causing spots. By exfoliating you remove these dead skin cells, which leads to much healthier looking skin! Wooo :-)

I used to think exfoliate meant scrubbing your skin. Which it can, but you can also exfoliate your skin with acids that then dissolve and remove the dead skin cells without scrubbing half your face off. I have been using the Pixi Glow Tonic which contains Glycolic Acid, and it's been doing wonders for making my skin feel as soft as a baby's bum! You can read a full review here.

Hydrate your skin from the outside
My obsession with Miranda Kerr lead me to try Rosehip Oil. She'd mentioned in a few interviews that she swears by it, and I mean if it's good enough for Miranda then it's good enough for me! Rosehip oil amazing for wrinkle-prevention because it works its way deep into the layers of your skin. It has Vitiman A & C in it, which basically means more stimulation of your collagen production, as well as improvements to the skins moisture levels which reduces wrinkles and fine lines. This was probably the first skincare product I came across which dramatically made a difference to my skin, after just a few weeks of using it. You don't need a lot either. I apply this before I go to bed and let it soak in to hydrate my skin.

Drink water
I can't write a post on skincare without saying how important drinking water is. As amazing as all of these products above are, they are only protecting the skin from the outside, so it's just as important to take care of ourselves from the inside too. I try to make myself drink 2L of water a day, it's not easy, but I found by replacing fruit juices and other drinks I'd usually have with my meals with water, the glasses soon added up.

Eat your greens
A couple of years ago when I really got into my health kick, I was eating so much fruit & veg. Probably around 10 pieces a day. Now I'm no expert but my skin had never looked so healthy, and I'm sure it wasn't a coincidence. Don't get me wrong, I like to indulge in cake and take-aways as much as the next person, but the reality is, if you want to maintain healthy skin, your diet needs to reflect that.

What I've learnt in all my failures and research is mainly, clogged up & dehyrdated skin = wrinkles. So drinking water, using hydrating products and exfoliating regularly should work, I can honestly say it has been for me!

Do you have any skincare tips?

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  1. I love the Pixi glow tonic, pretty sure that's the main thing that has helped changed my skin for the better. Really want to get my hands on one of those facial massagers, they look like they would be so relaxing! x

    1. They are really good for once you have steamed your skin before you put a mask on! Xx

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  3. Thanks for your skincare tips, and i love them


  4. I love using acids instead of physical exfoliants! I really thinks it makes more of a difference on my skin. Love these tips :)

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    1. I couldn't agree more :)! Thank you Nida! Xx

    2. I couldn't agree more :)! Thank you Nida! Xx

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