Friday, 30 September 2016

10 things to thank your best friends for

It goes without saying that your mates are awesome. I mean you wouldn't spend so much time hanging around with them if they weren't would you. But there are always going to be those extra special friends that are your complete rocks.

1. The number one thing has to be making you laugh so hard that you eventually get to that stage where there is no longer any actual noise coming out of your mouth and you're literally all just sat there rolling around and slowly clapping like a seal in slow motion. (Followed by loud snorting, and more laughter)

2. For making you feel better when comparing your "Tina the Talking Tummies" and "Cellulite Sally" and insisting that yours is always worse. "But I have three rolls and one hangs over my jeans".

3. For not uploading ugly selfies of you even when they look like an absolute 10.

4. Scrolling through 122 selfies on your camera roll and telling you which one of the (let's face it, pretty much exact same photo) you look the best in.

6. Telling you it's OK to break your diet, and then breaking them together. Did someone say Pizza? And while we're on this note, them friends who tell you that you 'just can't' order a salad when you're out for dinner are the absolute fricken best people ever.

7. For knowing that when you're in the middle of an important whatsapp conversation that one cannot simply 'go offline'.

8. Helping you to co-author any sort of important or controversial text message, a break-up, letting someone down, bailing on an event - they're always there to help you compose the message and think of the excuses.

9. Never letting you go to the toilet on your own. I don't know why this is a thing, but it definitely is a thing. We must go to the toilet together, who knows what kind of monstrosities could be lurking in there that we need back up for.

10. For always saying 'yes' when you give them the whole 'Would you still be my friend if *insert outrageous scenario here*. So you always know that no matter what happens, their stuck with you now.

Ain't best friends just astonishing human beings? <3

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  1. 8 for sure!

    Kathy x

    1. Haha I think we're all guilty of that one 🙈 Xx

  2. I love this! Literally describes me and my best friend right now, she has helped me compose so many messages to guys in the past haha. She also has far too many of my ugly selfies but luckily I trust her with my life 😂 Xx

    1. Thanks Sophie! I think we're all guilty of at least one of these! xx

  3. LOVE this blog post!! So true


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