Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The truth about starting your own blog

Starting my own blog was something I had wanted to do for years. It took me ages to decide to actually take a leap of faith and do it, and it took me even longer to tell anyone. Since then, I've had so many lovely messages from people with questions about my blog and how I started it, so I hope this post will summarise some of the questions that I often get asked.

Where to start 
First of all you need to decide where you're going to build your blog. I choose blogger because I'd used it before and it was very user friendly, and being completely new to it all, that's what worked best for me. There is also WordPress, which I've heard is pretty awesome too.

Making your blog look 'pretty'
Once you've got a page set up, unless you have some amazing design skills, it's not that easy to make it look all cute and professional yourself. I decided to get myself a theme of Etsy which was a much easier and quicker option :). (This is not that straight forward if you have a wordpress blog)

Sharing it
This was the hardest bit for me. Even once I had my design, my domain, my content, I still didn't properly share my blog for months. I honestly don't know why, I guess it's pretty scary putting yourself out there. But my only advice to anyone who is worrying about this, is to not think and just do it. I  can honestly say I have zero regrets. I can't for the life of me understand now looking back what I was even worried about. Life is far too short to care about what other people think, if it's something you want to do then do it.

It's time consuming
Having a blog is time consuming. Finding the time to take and edit photos takes up a hell of a lot more time than I ever expected, before you even start finding the time to write the content. However, it's rewarding, it's fun and the blogging community is amazing, so for me, it's 100% all worth it.

I sometimes find myself in a phase of 'writers block', and not have a clue what to post about next, but that's okay. Once you start speaking to other bloggers and joining in on the whole community, you'll see it's perfectly normal, and there are plenty of people who have great advice. I am still learning something new with every single post I write.

What happens when you work with brands
When I was first contacted by a brand I literally skipped around my kitchen for about 10 minutes. I literally couldn't believe that someone wanted to work with me, I was over the moon. So how do you get to work with brands? In all honesty, I have no idea - helpful I know. The correlation that I made, (which might seem like glaringly obvious advice) was when I started really putting a lot more effort into my blog posts I began to be contacted by brands wanting to work with me. I guess you get in what you get out. Hard work pays off and all that jazz.

BE AWARE THAT NOT EVERYONE IS LEGIT. From speaking to other bloggers I have heard some horror stories. If a brand wants to send you something, as exciting as this is, be sure to check them out first before giving them any of your information. You have no idea who could be behind that email asking for your address.

A few tips I wish I'd known when I started my blog
Use Twitter chats to get involved in the community and meet other bloggers.
Attend Blogger events whenever you get the opportunity, they are amazing.
Make sure you claim your blog on BlogLovin'.
Don't put pressure on yourself! Blogging should be fun, keep it that way :)




  1. This was great as I love hearing other peoples blog stories! Blogging definitely takes a hell of a lot of effort and time but definitely worth it all in the end
    Kathy x

  2. I don't think people realise how much time blogging takes up, but ultimately its incredibly rewarding! x


  3. I love this it's so relatable!

  4. Absolutely love your phone case, where is it from?! :) xx

  5. I can literally relate to everything in this post!!


  6. I can literally relate to everything in this post!!



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