Thursday, 13 October 2016

13 things to look out for this halloween

Aside from the obvious; terrifying costumes, the monster mash tune on repeat and Haribo's giant tubs of themed halloween sweets.

1. The not so scary costumes "I'm a mouse - duh"

2. The obscene homeowners who still insist on giving FRUIT to trick or treaters. FRUIT?

3.  A rise in demand for your local dentist.

4. The kid who's mum forgot all about Halloween and decided that dressing them in a bin-bag would be suitably terrifying attire. (I have been this child)

5. Couples who wear matching costumes (again, guilty)

6. Pumpkin infused everything. Cakes, candles, coffee and casserole.

7. Simple, but effective decorations - orange, tacky and dam right brilliant. Without the need for complicated wires and cables.

8. Apparently clowns? (Wear suitable footwear at all times to ensure a quick escape in the unfortunate event you're faced with one)

9. Extremely tall "children" hiding behind a Frankenstein mask knocking on your door requesting sweets. We all know you're too old to be trick or treatin', but we dish out the sweets anyway.

10. Those houses that have all lights off with not a single nod to the freaky festivities. (These are the houses that dish out fruit as a 'treat'; AVOID)

11. A Facebook feed full of adorable babies dressed as pumpkins.

12. An Instagram feed full of half skull faced selfies with the caption #halloween

13. And undoubtedly, a new Snapchat filter.

Happy Halloween!

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