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How to kick your cravings | Decibel Protein Water

Trying to eat healthy isn't that easy (understatement of the century). With Halloween just around the corner, and Christmas then following that, we are literally surrounded by extreme temptations that can easily pull us off any kind of healthy bandwagon. Me included, I love sweets, chocolate and anything with enough E numbers in it to send parents of young children into a mental breakdown. I don't think I'm alone with craving sugary snacks. At least I really hope I'm not or that's very upsetting.

However...I have recently discovered the most amazing tasting HEALTHY, LOW SUGAR, HIGH PROTEIN, LOW CARB, Protein Water which honestly banishes my sweet tooth cravings - and I will tell you why - because it tastes like sweets! You know those little water melon sweets you can get in Candy King Pick N Mix? It tastes just like that!

Apologies for all of the capital letters and explanation marks - but this is a very exciting post for me to put together. I've calmed down now and I'll tell you exactly what this magic potion is. It's by a company called Decibel Nutrition who have completely changed the game when it comes to post workout shakes. Their shakes are exactly what you need after a workout, they're refreshing but not heavy and difficult to drink like traditional protein shakes. I have the 'Watermelon and Peach' flavor, and as I said; it tastes like sweets, which I think by now you will know that I am over the moon about. But it's the consistency which really makes it stand out to me, it's like drinking juice.

The Protein Water has been the perfect replacement to my 'tea & biscuits' post cheer snack. I'm always starving after training, but this honestly fills me up and tastes delicious, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. It's really put me well and truly back on my healthy bandwagon and I can't thank Decibel enough! So if you're like me and have struggled with drinking protein shakes in the past because they're either to heavy, or taste revolting, or taste good but are full of sugar, then I would highly recommend giving the Protein Water a try!

*This post is in association with Decibel Nutrition

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