Sunday, 23 October 2016

Most used this month | Beauty Edition

 As we draw into the end of October (how is it almost the end of October?!), I realise that there are so many new products I've found this month that I absolutely love. October is always an interesting month for me when it comes to beauty goodies & make-up, because I find myself reaching for more autumnal shades, thicker coverage bases and dabbling in new skincare products.

Nip & Fab - No Needles Serum 
I could honestly do a whole blog post on this product alone, it's the only product I've ever used claiming to 'reduce fine lines and wrinkles', that actually does. I know I'm only 23, but you know what they say "prevention is better than a cure". I've been using this for about 3 weeks now and have absolutely seen a reduction in my 'expression lines' on my forehead. It also smells SO good, in texture it glides onto the skin and feels really expensive, and it's half the price of many other serums and oils claiming to do the same thing (and more than likely not giving you the same results).

Ben Nye Face Powders
I don't know why, but I was always under the impression that we could not purchase Ben Nye in the UK, so when I found a website that stocked it, I was over the moon. I've got both the translucent powder and the Banana Powder, and both are incredible. The translucent one is great for everyday use, setting make-up and creating a matte finish. The banana powder is perfect for nights out, or any occasion where you want a full coverage finish. It's the best powder I have ever used. 

Peaches & Cream Lashes 
I was kindly gifted some new lashes to try out at the start of September. Let me tell you, I am rubbish when it comes to applying false lashes, although I have got better over the years, I still find it pretty difficult. I've learnt that I really love lashes which have a thin band, they look more natural and I find them much easier to apply. This is exactly what the Peaches & Cream lashes are, they're so so easy to apply, and they have so many different styles to choose from, there is something for everyone. Not to mention, they're really affordable too. These are now going to be my new go to lashes!

Neal's Yard Frankincense Hydrating Cream
I'd lost hope in moisturisers and creams. I'd never found one that really did anything except from removing weight from my purse. I'm pleased to say that this is no longer the case now that I have found this little gem. Whenever I forget to use it, I can immediately tell as my skin misses it! The best way to describe it is like a 'drink for your skin', it's really hydrating and leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft.

Nip & Fab Bee Sting Fix Lifting Face Mask
I really am loving a lot of the Nip & Fab products at the moment. They have noticeable results which is something I struggle to find with many other skincare products. This mask in particular is perfect for plumping your skin. I use it as an overnight mask, and when I wake up in the morning my skin looks so much more plump and tight. Highly recommend!

Nip & Fab - No Needles Serum 
Peaches & Cream Lashes
Ben Nye Setting Powder
Neal's Yard Frankincense Hydrating Cream
Nip & Fab Bee Sting Fix Lifting Face Mask

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  1. A lot of bloggers have been talking about Nip + Fab lately and it's making me want to try a few from them! I'll definitely be checking out the No Needles Serum. Thanks for sharing :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. I've tried lots of their products but these are for sure my favourite! Xx

  2. Lovely! Great pics :)

  3. I really want to try the Nip & Fab serum, looks great!


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