Sunday, 27 November 2016

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Pallet - Worth the hype?

I'm pretty sure anyone remotely interested in beauty will have seen this pallet all over their Instagram. It's been everywhere lately. So of course, in the interest of 'research', I had to give it a go. With it being so popular I was intrigued as to whether it was in fact worth the hype. At just under £60 it's not the cheapest of pallets, in fact it's the most expensive pallet I own, but I am very excited to welcome it into my pallet family <3

I ordered mine from Harrods, (and I believe they still have some in stock there too!). I was not initially impressed with the packaging - for the price I was expecting a mirror and at least a plastic case, but it's made of cardboard, so being a big sucker for packaging I have to admit this was a little bit of a disappointment, however...

"It's what's on the inside that counts"

The eye shadows in this pallet are like nothing I have ever used before. The matte shades are so easy to blend, especially 'sandalwood' which is a stunning tan colour and works perfectly for a transition shade.

My absolute favourite in the whole pallet has to be 'Angelic'. In one word it is perfect, so so pigmented, and it makes it so easy and quick to create a really pretty eye look.

Now here is where it gets interesting. The textured eye shadows in the pallet are like nothing I have used before. I must stress, do not try to apply these with a brush because you will not get the colour pay off. Huda advises this too, so when I read this online I really wasn't sure. I am a huge brush hoarder, I love my make-up brushes, and I haven't applied make up with my hands since the dream matte mouse days. But honestly, you will not be disappointed. The colour pay off is insane. So glittery, so pigmented, so dreamy. They are nothing short of perfect.

So is this pallet worth the hype? Absolutely. I am loving experimenting with the colours and creating more dramatic eye looks, and the sparkles are just perfect for the upcoming festive period.

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  1. such beautiful colours in this palette, great blog post xx

  2. This palette practically screams me. The shades are so beautiful but it's so expensive 🙈 X


    1. I know! I'm so pleased I wasn't disappointed! xx

  3. I have watched so many YouTube video's on this palette, the shimmer shades look insane!

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  4. I've seen reviews of this palette and thought the colours were magical. The price was a bit high but it's definitely worth it; the colours blended so easily, they were buildable and the textured colours just needed a dab using your fingertip.My favourite colour has to be Angelic but they're all equally beautiful colours.


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