Friday, 10 February 2017

The Lip Product I'm Currently Obsessed With

Whilst on a mission to try out some new products and opt for a more natural day to day make-up look, I discovered the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Lip Gloss (and that isn't even the full name). I'm not going to lie, to begin with I really didn't know what to do with it or how to use it, so for a while it just sat at the bottom of my make-up drawer collecting dust. Until one day I came across it again and thought, I'll give this another go. It is Dior after all - and I am so glad I did. 

This is unlike any other 'Lip Maximizer' products I've used. Yes it stings a little, but I find it very subtle in how it works. You will notice your lips look a little fuller after one use. But I personally really noticed a difference after a week or so of using it. My lips were looking fuller before I'd even applied it, so to me, it pretty much works like a lip filler without the needles, and I am absolutely up for that.

I'm obsessed with those products where you can just apply them over the top of something and no matter what's underneath it still makes it look good, a bit like your favourite pair of skinny jeans. The Dior Lip Maximizer is the black skinny jeans of my make-up bag.

The final thing I wanted to say about this product, is that unlike many other products like this, it doesn't dry your lips out, in fact it does the opposite. It really nourishes them, which for me was the absolute point where I decided, I absolutely love this product. It's natural, it plumps and it moisturises, so it's definitely something I am going to continue to be using going into spring and throughout 2017.



  1. Products like this really intrigue me and this sounds amazing! Might have to give it a go. X


  2. I love the idea of being able to apply it over anything as well since I'm already a big fan of glosses! Great post girl :)
    Kathy x

  3. I definitely need to try this, my lips get so dry so something that is going to keep them moisturised is a winner in my book!

  4. Oo I haven't tried this, but might have to after your review! - And can I just say, your blog pictures are bloody brilliant! Keep up the good work Beth :)
    I'm over at, if you fancy a visit :) - Hannah xx

  5. This sounds right up my street and the shade looks so natural and easy to wear on the daily :) I love the picture too! Great post! X

  6. This sounds like an awesome lip product. I love how you can wear it with any other lip product underneath. It sounds like a universal product to have in your makeup bag. Great post!

  7. I love Dior packaging and products! Might have to try this one out. x

  8. This sounds like such an awesome lip product. Love the look of the natural shade. Perfect for everyday wear and keeping your lips hydrated and the packaging is pretty of course.

    Ann-Marie |

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