Thursday, 16 March 2017

How I Stay Healthy When Working in an Office

Working in an office and trying to be healthy is HARD. Everyday is someones birthday, or there's leftover buffet food from a meeting, or you've not prepared any lunch and have to make the best of a bad situation with the Tesco meal deals.

It's also something that I don't think is spoke about enough, people give you lots of tips on what to eat, but are you really going to eat stinky fish in the middle of your office? Are you really going to be cooking up some eggs in the morning when you have to be at work for 9am? I mean if you're doing this, hats off to you. But if you're anything like me, then probably not, and it's kinda unrealistic for anyone working a 9-5. I've been really trying to get my act together lately with my impending cheer competitions, so have put together some things that have helped me.

Prepare your food the night before
Make extra dinner in the evening to last you for lunch the next day. This trick works really well for me and helps me to stay on track with what I am eating, and also makes sure that things don't get too boring, as I'm not preparing days of food in one go.

Food on the go
This is where I would always fail in the past. Every single time. There are always situations where you don't have time to prepare your lunch the night before, no matter how determined you are. Then I'd always end up going to my local supermarket and picking up a hugely calorific and generally unappetising sandwich. I've now discovered the taste of a subway salad. Let me tell you now, I am not salad's biggest fan. It's not something I make myself at home, however there is something about subway's salad's that make them delicious, plus all of their nutrition information is available on their website, so it's easy to keep track of exactly what you're eating.

Get up early
This might not work for everyone, but after being at work all day, I would never want to go to the gym. I've started setting my alarm for 6.30am and getting in a workout before I start work. Pro's: you get the whole evening to yourself, you feel great all day and you absolutely don't want to reach for the doughnuts on the communal snack area after working so hard that early in the morning.

Keep healthy snacks close by
It's 3pm, and you've eaten everything you brought in that day and are suddenly ravenous. I love food, and for me there is absolutely no worse feeling than being hungry. So I  have started making sure I have snacks around me at all times. Rice cakes, ProperCorn Corn, Nuts, Fruit, and Hartleys 10cal Jelly Pots are some of my personal favourites!

Get a snazzy water bottle
Everyone says it, so I'm sure this is nothing new, but there is a reason people say this. Drink water, lots of it! I got myself a new water bottle and aim to drink x3 of them a day. I find this quite easy when I'm in the office, in fact I end up drinking more water when I'm at work than I do on the weekends, just because of that snazzy water bottle!

Do you have any tips for staying healthy whilst working? Please share them with me in the comments below.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert. This is just my opinion on what has helped me stick to a more healthy lifestyle whilst working in an office.

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  1. Although I don't work in an office, I am always in need of tips to help me stay healthy so thanks for sharing! X


  2. Great tips! Bringing your own healthy snacks definitely helps!

    District of Chic

  3. It is hard to keep things in routine but once you get used to it, everything gets easier. I am not an early breakfast person so most of the time I skip it and get hungry till lunch. I don't want to think about all those calories in Tesco meal deals, so I try to bring my own lunch which is a lot healthier:) I always have some healthy snacks in my bag. Even though having a bag of crisp is so tempting, I keep telling myself healthy living comes first :) Great tips! x

    Ela BellaWorld

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  5. Nice post, I always find having different herbal or fruit teas helps when you're in an office environment too! Danielle || Miss Danielle

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