Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Lip Brand You NEED This Summer | LUXE BEAUTY

Summer is now in full force, and with the sun there are some inevitable and noticeable changes to everything around us, from legs started to be shaved more that once a month, to a twitter feed full of people crying about hay fever, and to the introduction of the sun, cocktail and sunglasses dude in your recent emojis.

Any who - back to these amazing new lip products. When it gets hotter or the seasons change I find myself wanting to try out new make-up. So known behold, I was over the moon when I tried out a new lip brand that has changed my life. It's not one I'd heard of before, but it's now brand I'm using every single day.

Lip Gloss
I've lately rediscovered my love for lip gloss. I think it looks amazing with a more natural face, which is what most people tend to opt for at this time of year, because A) who wants to put on a full face of make-up in the blazing heat, and B) hoping for a little tan on our faces, we shouldn't need it!

I've got the shade 'Clueless', and it's a really subtle natural shade, it isn't sticky but it is long wearing - perfect for this time of year! (Pic below)

Liquid Lipstick
IT DOES NOT MOVE, IT IS NOT DRYING, IT SMELLS GREAT -  IT IS AMAZING. To put it quite frankly. These liquid lipsticks are perfect for nights out.

I got the shade 'Bae Berry', and wore it recently on a night out and it DID NOT MOVE. They are also not drying at all like so many other liquid lipsticks.

For a brand that is so affordable (£10 per product!), cruelty free, vegan and UK based, I honestly think I am onto a winner here. If I do say so myself.

Luxe Beauty is an official stockist of these products. (Only stockist in Peterborough!)
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